ARCH AIASJ Newsletter

17 Jul

Issue No. 10 for the third quarter of the ARCH publication is out! If you would like a digital copy please email me at and request the pdf,  I will gladly send it your way!

ARCH is a newsletter started by the San Joaquin Chapter of the AIA (American Institue of Architects). It aims at bringing awareness of current architectural and design relates issues within the community and gives unique professional perspectives to those of us who wouldn’t otherwise hear about them. Many people involved with ARCH are also supporters of On the Verge, and we thank them for it! :)

I recommend checking it out whether you are into architecture or not. Architecture is one of the oldest forms of art and we are surrounded by it in our everyday lives. Many local architects and designers are working to keep the Fresno community up to par with other large cities and it’s interesting to watch the growth take place.


One Response to “ARCH AIASJ Newsletter”

  1. kiel July 30, 2010 at 4:08 am #

    The newsletter is available on the archop website here:

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