Open Doors

31 Aug

You know that saying, “When one door closes, another opens”? That’s what comes to mind when I think back on how things have been happening for Verge. Sure, it’s more along the lines of “Pry one door open and two will close and ten more open”, but you get the idea.

We had our first Club Verge meeting today, which went well and we were pleased to see some familiar faces mixed in with the newcomers. I feel it’s safe to say we have a couple of great new talents on board with the magazine. Among meeting dozens of new people we also got the scoop on some new possibilities in the advertising arena AND some possible Tshirt collaborations! Whew, I was starting to sweat after writing everything down and realizing just how much there was to do.

Later on in the evening I was mullling over what needs to get done when I glanced down and finally saw what I had been hoping to see since I first laid eyes on the mural in progress – an artist in action!

Unfortunately I only had my dinky little digital camera, but Eric was awesome enough to talk to me a bit about the mural’s progress and meaning. Eric has been working with another student, Julie, to complete the mural over the past couple of months. I’m so excited to have finally heard firsthand what the mural is to the artists and the story behind it, but I’m sorry my friends, that is a story you’ll have to read in Issue 3…



One Response to “Open Doors”

  1. VERGEmagazine August 31, 2010 at 6:17 am #

    leaving me on the edge of my seat..

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