Park(ing) Day

15 Sep

Well, ladies and gents… it’s looking like Friday is going to be a big day.

If you didn’t know,  this Friday September 17th is Park(ing) Day.   A day for people, students, and whoever to create a park in an urban environment.  The worldwide event is dedicated to spreading awareness about how public space is allocated.

What do you do?

Create a public open space, or park in a metered parking space!  Design, plan, create a space that works best for you and the area you will be staying in for the day.  This Friday in Fresno, Club Verge will be making our beautiful metered park at 852 M street between Inyo and Kern Downtown.

Who started this shenanigans?

Rebar group in San Francisco was the first to bring the project about.  For more information you can check out the website…  In Fresno, it’s been all about getting Club Verge and some Fresno community members together to really get this thing kick started.  At first, the club was going to have a simple event without too much design or input involved, but of course others in the community were looking to build a park, and there we were ready to collaborate!  Kiel Famellos-Schmidt is getting the word out and bringing in more and more people daily.  (thank you)

So what IS the plan?

Starting at 6 am Friday morning,  the metered parking space at 852 M street will be greeted by Club Verge students.  By 8 to 9 am we will have sod delivered and laid out to create a grassy picnic area!  For the rest of the day will be hanging out, playing games-cards, soccer, maybe even bbq-ing, all in the hopes to get the passersby to think about the possibility of having a park-right there!  The plan is to hang around until about 6 pm, but we can always see where the evening takes us.

Can you come?

Yes.  Of course.  Bring your friends along.  We will be there for a solid 12 hours relaxing and mingling in our ‘metered park’.

If you want more information, just call or email

661 301 8752

I can’t wait to see you on Friday!

Theresa Lafranchise


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