Ella Danilyuk

3 Nov

It’s a very sad time here in the CSUF design department.   As you may already know Ella Danilyuk and Gabrielle Ellis were killed in a car accident (ABC Report).

Ella was a graphic design student, so I had the privilege of seeing her around campus and within classes frequently.  In my eyes Ella always stood out from the rest, she was a very unique person and was always dressed in some very classy clothes. I guess I would be lying if I didn’t say I had a slight child-like crush on her.  Often wondering what was going on behind those pretty eyes.  Happenings like this makes me regret not putting away the projects, turning off the computer and spending more time getting to know the people around me.  Ella will be deeply missed.  My heart and prayers go out to the families and friends of these girls, i know the suffering as my sister has recently passed.  So i suggest giving a hug and lending a shoulder to those around you because these can be hard times.

Ella, you will be missed in the classrooms and halls of our department.

-Chris Riesner


In memory,


“In loving memory of Ella Daniluk Facebook”


Words in memory, please feel free to include other links in the comments;






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