Verge is growing in 2011

9 Feb

Hello! We have some exciting news to share!

First, our new graphic designers, Anna and Luciano, presented us with some ideas for official Verge logos today. We did some brainstorming and are excited to get to reveal the final decision soon.

Second, we have purchased our url domain and will begin building the official Verge website soon. It’s We’ll keep you posted whenever we get close to finishing it.

Third, we have a new member of Verge. Chris Michael has come on board to help us as an advertising representative. He’ll be the face of Verge and help us out in finding sponsors and advertisers. Thanks Chris!

Fourth, we are developing some Verge tshirts. The Club Verge on campus will be creating them and will be accepting orders if you would like to et your hands on one. The designs will be posted soon. Let us know if you’re interested.

That’s all for now. Thanks for all of your support!



Issue 3 Available Online Now!

17 Jan

Well folks, this is a first for Verge magazine. We are now offering the magazine, beginning with issue 3, online for viewing.

Until we can develop further, you can view the issues by clicking on the links under the tab “We have issues”. Thanks for viewing!


Issue 3

16 Jan

16 Nov

Video: Estaban Cortez

USU Production brought Fierce Creatures to the ‘pit’ to our campus.  It was really great having them and I know a lot of students, including myself were really into them.  Hope they can come again soon!



15 Nov

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Do you think you have what it takes?

This Friday, November 19th is the Verge Fundraiser that beautifies the campus!  On the sidewalk North of the Conley Art Building we will be hosting artists and adventurists who will compete to see who can draw the best picture, and prizes will be awarded!

This “Colorful Eye” drawing was done on Sunday to advertise and get awareness for the competition.  If you would like to see it in person- it’s located in the Free Speech Area near the Henry Madden Library.

Think you can beat it on Friday morning?!  Sign ups are still available… Get in touch with us for details!

11 Nov

poster: Elan Mertens

The CSUF Graphic Design Club is brining you a great opportunity.

Two designers going by the name of Labour are coming all the way  from New York  and will be speaking at Fresno State this Friday.

Come out and enjoy some knowledge from some successful designers who graduated not to long ago.

details here



10 Nov
Fulton 55 is a music Venue that is supposed to open downtown.  The neighbors don’t seem to enthused about it.  However, Fresno is in need of more places that support live music so go to this tomorrow and show your support!
more info on Fresnobeehive